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Snake predators: What animals eat snakes?

Snake predators: What animals eat snakes? You might find it hard to believe but snakes do have many enemies. Large birds, wild pigs, mongooses, raccoons, foxes, coyotes, and significantly different snakes are a couple of the risks snakes fall prey to. Many people find it hard to believe that the largest and the most startling snakes can fear anything, however, it is true.

An entire pack of various animal species kill snakes, including a huge number of birds- owls, hawks, falcons, herons, and so forth. And many, many snake species eat just different snakes. So for the most part, fowls and different snakes are the most widely recognized predators of snakes

1. Mongoose

This little yet bold animal isn't anxious about snakes. Why? We'll there are a few reasons behind that. Initial, a mongoose is immune to the snakes' poison. Second, its fur fills in as a great defense system. Third, is that mongoose has a brisk response. This predator of snakes is fit for gnawing off a snake's head in a split second.

2. Honeybadger

This brave animal manages to come as a champ out of any battle. Its diet is more than different and one of the most dangerous snakes on this planet are a part of it. The most terrible that may occur if there should be an occurrence of a snake's bite is falling in a state of coma for a few hours. Nonetheless, the animal will endure. Is it highly likely? Truly, it is. Honey badgers have a thick and calloused skin.

King Cobra Snake

One of the world's longest poisonous snakes, the king cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) is a predator of other snakes. This snake's tendency for eating different snakes gains it the name "King." As grown-ups, king cobras develop between 12 to 18 feet long. These snakes have teeth in their mouths, enabling them to infuse venom into their prey. The venom incapacitates the prey, which makes it a non-safe supper to the King cobra. King cobras live in tropical woods all through Africa, India and Southeast Asia.

4. Birds

Owls and hawks don't should be immune to a snake's toxin to endure its attack and kill it. They pounce upon a snake while its on a flight. Their sharp jumps don't leave a snake even the littlest possibility to survive. That is one of the reasons why snakes tend to stow away in places where they won't be seen by these flying creatures.

5. Pets

Next predators of snakes are surprisingly dogs and cats, which may assault a snake if they feel that the reptile may hurt them or their owner. Dogs end up being exceptionally defensive. For them, their owner is their closest companion. It shouldn't be astounding that a Dig will do anything possible to shield the owner from the hazard that snakes present.


Humans chase snakes for different reasons. Many types of snakes are captured and transported to different countries to be sold in pet shops. Venomous snakes are used for making anti-venom, which are produced using their venom and are used to spare the life of a snakebite casualty. Snakeskin is used for making many items including shoes, satchels, and belts. And, shockingly, many people regularly kill snakes out of dread.

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